Fuel Management

Master Your Fuel Inventory

Keep a Tight Grasp on Your Fuel Inventory

All PortaBull Fuel centers feature fuel management and accounting systems that help you control your project’s fuel inventory in a number of ways. And these systems save money by allowing you to authorize access to only certain employees and to limit the quantities to which they have access, when necessary.

For every transaction, the fuel management system records who, what, when, what kind of fuel and how many gallons. Usage reports are then emailed as often as you wish to everyone who has a need to know.

Our system allows you to determine which employees are authorized to fuel, the quantity of fuel authorized per employee, and the number of gallons authorized per day. Our Operations Team will set up the initial employee access system and make changes per your request. You decide which method of access best suits your needs — PINs or your company’s fleet credit cards.

Fuel Management System

Portabull Fuel uses a Fuel Management System to provide a high-level level of security, usage management reporting, and fuel usage projections for future jobs. Data collection begins the moment the driver starts fueling. All information is sent to the fuel management dispenser for recording. The transaction is complete when the Pump Handle Switch is turned off or times out, eliminating inaccurate or incomplete data.

Additional features and benefits include:

  • Works off an LTE/4G cellular modem with a signal-boosting antenna for successful communications in even remote areas
  • Produces weekly reporting of all fueling transactions, quantities dispensed and totals used during a specified time period
  • Employees can be limited to preferred daily quantities of fuel to prevent over usage of fuel assets

How do you know you’re in good hands? We don’t mean to blow our own horn, but we use the fuel management system of choice by the U.S. military for security and inventory management. And if it’s good enough for the U.S. military, it’s good enough for us!