Spill Containment Specifications

Better Safe Than Sorry!

Environmental Damage Prevention

PortaBull Fuel is very conscious of environmental concerns everywhere we work. That’s why we constantly track regulatory requirements relating to spill prevention throughout the nation.

Allowable on-site fuel quantities vary by state, county, city and community. Larger quantities of fuel deployed anywhere require a ground spill containment system, regardless of the tank composition. We monitor those concerns at every jobsite to eliminate the chance of a costly spill or environmental catastrophe happening on our watch.

PortaBull Fuel Safety Precautions

We aim for safety, and we strive to protect your project by installing proper spill containment equipment under every system we deploy — at no additional charge to you.

PortaBull Fuel utilizes a heavy 20-mil fire-rated, oil- and fuel-resistant fibrous liner on every project, properly sized to hold 110% of the tank’s contents. This exceeds the federal requirement for containment, but we do it because we believe that it’s better to be safe than sorry!

You provide the material for the containment walls (Jersey barriers or a suitable substitute approved in your area), and we assist with proper sizing and construction.