About Us

Many Tanks to All Our Customers

We Began by Putting Industry Needs First

PortaBull Fuel was formed in April 2012 with a few small tanks and a lot of hopes and ideas. After investing significant amounts of time, energy and creativity into our budding business, PortaBull Fuel designed and engineered specialized systems that meet the fuel supply and safety needs required on construction projects. Every product was developed and improved as a result of field experience and customer feedback.

Products Optimized for Your Project

With three models of varying capacities in our fleet, we are ready to take on any type or size project, in any environment. Our Operations Team works directly with your team to identify the appropriate fuel solution based on your specific needs.

Once this is established, we transport our tank to your site and have it completely set up within hours. We then provide a simple training session for your staff so you can quickly get your trucks moving. Our refueling team continually monitors your fuel, ensuring that your fuel levels never run low. We know our job at PortaBull Fuel is to keep your job moving!