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UL 142 Aboveground Flammable Liquid Tank Standard

Meeting Industry Standards

PortaBull Fuel has gone to great lengths to ensure that our equipment and safety standards meet and even surpass industry standards. Our tanks undergo testing through the UL Testing and Approval process. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is the standard by which all fuel tanks on the market today are measured for safety and reliability.

About UL 142 Certification *

UL 142 includes requirements that cover shop-fabricated, steel aboveground storage tanks intended for noncorrosive, stable flammable and combustible liquids that have a specific gravity not exceeding 1.0 in aboveground applications. UL 142 includes requirements for tanks fabricated in a combination of various shapes (cylindrical, rectangular or round) and orientations (horizontal or vertical) with or without multiple compartments.

The standard includes a comprehensive set of requirements relating to materials and construction, specific design features, strength and leakage, markings and the intended use of the tank. PortaBull Fuel is proud to say that our fuel storage tanks meet the UL 142 national safety standard, indicating that we’re doing what we can to keep the public and our customers safe.

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*  SOURCE: https://code-authorities.ul.com/about/blog/ul-142-aboveground-flammable-liquid-tanks/